Airsoft Masks Explained

Used for sports, work, or even entertainment purposes, airsoft masks come with several different designs and features. While some are specifically designed for use in high-paced and extreme environments, others work better in more low-key circumstances. What is important in choosing an airsoft mask is the material, the features, durability, and any warranty information provided so far. Below, we have reviewed some of the top airsoft masks available on the market for you to determine which mask is best for you. OUTGEEK Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set (Excellent for recreational vehicles and extreme sports, this half mask comes with an attachable steel mesh faceguard for added safety. Made of low-carbon steel and plastic, the product also has elastic straps that are adjustable for many head and face shapes. The design is made to be both flexible and easily foldable. Highly durable, the plastic on the goggles can withstand the force of a BB or 310 tsp.

This particular airsoft mask is a wise choice for work conditions which require sufficient respiratory protection. The unit has two different cartridges each with an organic filter that create the dual airline system. The mask has adjustable, elastic straps for a tight fit and has been designed to protect up to 10 times the amount of normal airsoft masks. The company who makes the brand sells to over 200 countries of which they are the leading airsoft mask provider for the chemical and industrial companies. One Tigris 6’’ Foldable Half Face

Airsoft Mesh Mask with Ear Protection, Military Tactical Lower Face Protective Mask

A half face mask, this product has been used in several military tactical operations and for CQB matches because of the built-in ear protection and high-quality materials so far. The mask is extremely lightweight and easily foldable with padding to protect the nose and cheeks. The strap is a specially designed band that cups the skull for added tightness and security, and the mask can stand up to temperatures from -10 degrees Celsius through 42 degrees Celsius A&N Airsoft Pro Full Face Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection

Extremely durable with special plastic that is infused with a shock resistant compound, this full face mask has the metal mesh that covers the eyes and full plastic covering the ears. There is a visor on the unit that helps prevent against fogging and increases visibility. The back of the head strap is adjustable as the mask leaves enough room for googles to be worn underneath if needed. Although this mask is useful for a variety of purposes, it is well known for being used at Cosplays and Halloween parties for its similarity in design to famous video games. ConclusionBefore purchasing your airsoft mask, take into consideration if you need one that is full or half face as well as what kind of protection it will offer, whether that be only respiratory, eye, and ear, or a combination of everything.